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Membership System

To be a member of GSC, all you need to do is to sign up an account with us through our website. Every ounce of silver purchased from us will be tabulated. When you achieve the different membership tiers, you will be able to enjoy a discount off your silver purchases. Membership tiers achieved will be lifetime and will not be reset as previously stated.

Membership Tiers

Membership Type

Bullion Purchased (Oz)

Discount (%)

Bronze / Level 1



Silver / Level 2



Palladium / Level 3



Gold / Level 4



Platinum / Level 5




 In addition to the membership discount, all members will also get to enjoy an additional birthday month discount of 0.5% regardless of which tier they belong to. This 0.5% discount will be on top of the discount currently enjoyed by members. Eg. John is currently a Gold member and this month is his birthday. As long as he purchases within this month, he will enjoy a total of 3.0% + 0.5% = 3.5% discount on his silver purchases.

Please be aware that once you achieved each tier, you will only enjoy the discount from the next discount tier on your next purchase/invoice order. 

*Please note that this membership system ONLY applies to silver bullion, not gold bullion.